Which Moose are you?

Moose shed their antlers every year in order to start fresh and develop new, stronger ones. If you’ve decided that you need a fresh start and better career prospects then we are confident our herd can help you develop the right skills to succeed. At Blue Moose we offer an extensive business development opportunity because, like the moose, we like to take care of our young and believe that with the right teacher, young calves can learn anything they need to, to survive and thrive.

The Calf


If, like a calf, you’re ambitious, with a keen instinct to learn we are looking for people like you to join the herd. Young moose calves are fast learners and can learn to run in a few days and swim well within 2 weeks of being born. Calves require a lot of mentorship from their mothers and we believe this reflects the first stage of our business development opportunity.

The Spring Moose


Moose start to develop their antlers in early spring, making them more confident but still susceptible to injury. We believe the second stage of our business development opportunity is designed to help you start developing the harder more specific skillsets that will help you to overcome challenges and put you on the path to success – although you may still need a helping hand from your mentor.

The Full Grown Moose


At the end of the warm summer months, a Moose’s antlers reach maximum growth and begin to harden. Antlers are important visual symbols indicating social position. The larger the antlers, the more dominance the Moose has among the herd. This is similar for the business world – the more skills you develop the more successful you will be “in the wild.”

The Blue Moose


Moose antlers are the fastest regenerative organs and can fully develop within a span of 5 months. To become a successful Blue Moose with fully developed business skills our business development opportunity can take from 5-12 months to complete. In this time you will develop a wide range of business skills including skills specific to the sales and marketing industry which will help you to become a successful Blue Moose business partner.