Blue Moose hold a Motivational Workshop on Overcoming the urge to Quit

Vince Lombardi once said, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Pursuing success on both a personal and professional level brings some challenges. Newcastle-based direct marketing and sales specialists, Blue Moose

Blue Moose Investigate the Power of Rewards

As a business that believes in rewarding all accomplishments, both big and small, Blue Moose has investigated the true power of reward and how it can contribute to unparalleled business

Blue Moose: Goal setting and high standards are the key to success 

During a recent motivational workshop with their contractors, the direct marketing firm Blue Moose emphasised the importance of setting high standards and explained how detailed goal setting could lead to

Blue Moose Warn of Success Killing Habits

Due to the prominent role they play in the development of young sales and marketing professionals, Blue Moose recently released a statement warning how seemingly harmless habits can be detrimental

Blue Moose Delivers Insightful Speech Sharing Business Knowledge

Sales and marketing firm Blue Moose recently attended an impactful leadership seminar where the firm’s business owner shared his industry knowledge with attendees.  

Blue Moose hosts competition for exclusive getaway

Sales and marketing professionals, Blue Moose has announced details of an exciting competition for their new contractors which will reward them with an exclusive getaway trip.

“Get ahead of the rest” says Blue Moose

Blue Moose are urging job seekers to get ahead of the competition by bucking the ‘wait until Monday’ to apply trend.


The question ‘What motivates you?’ is common at job interviews, so Blue Moose have outlined some of the key areas candidates should think about when constructing their answers if they