Blue Moose offer opportunity to ambitious candidates

Manchester-based sales agency, Blue Moose has noticed how many young people are struggling to get into employment. Here, the firm shares information regarding the opportunities they offer these young individuals.

Blue Moose discuss rumoured expansion to Manchester

Sales and marketing firm Blue Moose have talked openly about their rumoured expansion to Manchester.

Don’t be a moose, be a Blue Moose!

Sales and marketing firm, Blue Moose have shared their motto for achieving top results and revealed what it takes to be a Blue Moose.

Blue Moose: 5 Challenges Sales People are Facing That You Can’t Choose to Ignore

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Blue Moose:  Sales Advice You Really Can’t Afford to Miss

With sales being – without a doubt – one of the most valuable skills for a professional to master, Blue Moose has outlined some key tips professionals can’t afford to

Blue Moose Offer Alternative to Expensive Marketing in Wake of Brexit Result

In the wake of the Brexit uncertainty, many marketers have halted their campaigns. Here, Blue Moose offer a guaranteed alternative to expensive forms of marketing.

Blue Moose reviews 5 questions that will secure long-term talent from the herd

Finding the right candidate is one thing, but finding one that will want to grow with the company is another ballgame. Blue Moose reviews five ways businesses can use to

Blue Moose outline the happiness effect

Unique marketing firm, Blue Moose believes that being happy can have a direct impact on a person’s success. Here, the firm highlight how people can become happier, and when people

Blue Moose outline why sports attributes are desirable in business

Sales and marketing business, Blue Moose often look for sports attributes within their candidates. Here, the firm explains why sporting stars are often successful in business and why these attributes


Newcastle-based direct marketing specialists, Blue Moose, are being inundated with requests for their services; the firm has revealed why more and more firms are turning to direct marketing.